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Uploading Bulk Files

This guide will show you how and where to upload bulk files. The process is roughly the same for every type of action. The example used here will be a bulk edit file.

1. Save your file as a .csv (read about formatting here)

2. Go to Products > Bulk Upload. You can also the sidebar to access bulk upload via the dashboard under Bulk.

3. Select File and choose the file you'd like to upload

4. If you want to skip a channel for the entire spreadsheet - you can do that here. If any of these boxes are checked, we will not send any information to those channels - however, the information in SureDone will still be overwritten.

  • For example: if you edit the title but check Skip eBay - we won't change the title on eBay, however, it will change in SureDone. If you go back and push a full edit on this item later, the title may change on eBay

5. Click Upload"

Note: You should not use the Force box unless advised by SureDone Support or Sales Engineer

Common Errors

Invalid Identifier - This could be caused by one of two problems

  1. The file you are uploading is not a .csv (Excel saves files as .xlsx by default)

    • Resolution: Go back and save it as a .csv & reupload
  2. The second header in the file is not one of the required identifiers.
    • Resolution: Make sure that the first header in your file is "action" and the second is either "guid", "sku", or "id".

For more help on these check the guide on Setting Up Your Bulk File.

This guide is a part of the Introduction to Bulk Series - for maximum learning, please read all the guides in the series! To view the whole series, go here!

Now that you've learned how to upload make edits & upload files to SureDone's bulk uploader, now you should learn how to check your bulk results to make sure your files process error-free. Click here to read the next guide on Checking Bulk Upload Results.