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How to Manage Inventory with Multiple Warehouses

By default, SureDone comes with a single "stock" field for managing inventory across your connected channels. However, in today's world there may be several sources of inventory from in house stock, external warehouses and drop ship suppliers. SureDone offers support for multiple warehouse inventory via Stock Control Fields in the Products & Inventory settings.

The way this works is by creating custom fields for each of your different warehouses and/or drop ship suppliers. The priority of these stock control fields are set from left to right as shown in the screenshot above. The "stock" field will always take highest priority as it is designed to account for "in house" inventory. When syncing data to channels, SureDone will total up all inventory available in all of your Stock Control Fields (including "stock") and then send the total to each channel. You may further control how much inventory is sent to each channel using min stock and max stock features.