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SureDone Initial Setup

Welcome to SureDone! After creating your account, these are some steps you need to go through:

1. Here's a snapshot of what your dashboard looks like:

2. You should follow the "Action Items" that are required to configure your account completely, the most important being "Complete your business settings" and "Complete your shipping settings", see screenshot below:

3. The "Channels" section allows you to authorize your channels like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify etc. You can click on the gear icon to authorize your channel. If you don't see your channel, click on "Authorize more channels"

4. Industry updates, notices on SureDone upgrades, announcements, press releases are all found within the Announcement section as shown in the screenshot below:

5. The navigation pane on the left gives you access to Products, Orders and much more. Clicking on any of these will have sub-options taking you to various aspects of SureDone.

6. The top search bar as shown in the screenshot below allows you to search SureDone through products and orders. More information on search can be found here: https://support.suredone.com/a/solutions/articles/1000233246

You can also access your profile, get help, view guides through our support portal through the Profile icon.

7. What are your next steps? Make sure you follow your to-do list / action items. Here are some settings you may want to check too:

Business Settings: https://app.suredone.com/settings/organization/profile

Shipping Settings: https://app.suredone.com/settings/shipping/general

Connect eBay: https://app.suredone.com/#!/settings/channels/ebay

See your products: https://app.suredone.com/#!/products

Add a product: https://app.suredone.com/#!/products/add