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The SureDone API, Onboards and Support

Let's wrap up these quick guides with a conversation about connecting any application to SureDone in realtime, getting a fully assisted onboard onto the SureDone platform, and our excellent support resources.


The SureDone API

  • Let's you connect any application to SureDone and send and retrieve data without a wait.
  • SureDone's entire user interface is built on top of the same API you get to use - so anything that can be done in the UI can be done via the API.
  • We have customers that never log into our UI - they have built live connections between their internal systems and SureDone to list products, update inventory and pricing, retrieve orders and send tracking.
  • Great for connecting internally built systems, ERP systems like NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics, POS systems and CRM solutions like SalesForce and PipeDrive.
  • There are two different APIs - our API version 1 (documentation here) and API version 3 (documentation here). The APIv3 contains more advanced capabilities for searching orders, sending orders and retrieving orders, plus access to all of the SureDone logs for each account.

SureDone Onboards

  • SureDone offers full service onboards for those who want assistance in getting their business onto our platform quickly and following best practices.
  • You can schedule a consultative call to discuss how full service onboards work by clicking here.
  • Onboards include a kickoff call where a full statement of work is created, a task tracking board, analysis of channels to determine the best approach to integrating them into SureDone, a dedicated SureDone rep for training and assistance with completing tasks, and project management to complete any automations purchased.
  • Our ultimate goal of our full service onboard is to get your data into SureDone and your users up to speed on how to use SureDone - not to do everything for you. We definitely perform numerous tasks, but education is a big part of our onboard process to ensure you understand how to use SureDone once your onboard is complete.

SureDone Support

  • SureDone's primary support site is at https://support.suredone.com.. 
  • We offer a variety of support options. The types of support available to you are based on what subscription level you have signed up for.
    • Searchable Knowledge base (available to all users) 
    • SureDone System status (available to all users) 
    • Live "SureDone Office Hours" - live webinars where you can ask questions and be visually walked through how to accomplish tasks (only available for Trial users and Pro accounts or higher)
    • Community forums to ask questions (available to all users)
    • Online eLearning (available to all users) 
    • Trouble tickets (only available for Trial accounts and Grow accounts and higher) (found within the support site)
    • Trouble tickets with call back support (only available for Power accounts and higher) (found within the support site) 

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