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Searching SureDone

Let’s talk about searching for products in SureDone. At the top of every page is a search bar. It’s incredibly powerful and will let you search for products and orders. The results will be displayed on the “All Products” and  “All Orders” pages.

  • Pretty much EVERY field in SureDone is searchable - and are case sensitive.

  • Use the equal sign as an exact search, or leave it out to find everything that includes your search term. For example, if you have two products - test-product-xl and test-product-xls - doing a search for “sku:test-product-xl” vs  “sku:=test-product-xl” may be different.

  • Putting a negative sign after the colon is saying “NOT” this. For example, “sku:-test-product-xls” will return any items that don’t match the search term.

  • You can search for items that START WITH a term by using ^, or items that END WITH a term by using $. For example, “sku:xls$” will only show items ending in xls.

  • := is equal to. :-= is not equal to. :> is more than. :< is less than. :>= is greater than or equal to. :<= is less than or equal to. For example, to find products where you have three or more available, search for “stock:>=3”, or if you have multiple inventory fields search for “total_stock:>=3”.

  • Putting multiple terms in parenthesis is like saying OR. For example, “(color:red color:blue)” means either red or blue. Any terms outside the parenthesis are AND. For example, “(color:red color:blue) sku:xl” means anything with a color of either red or blue AND the sku contains xl.

  • You can search one field against another. For example, to find all of the items where the cost is more than what you are selling the product for, search for cost:>=price.

  • Once your search results show, you can click on “+Add this search” to save it for future use in the search dropdown.

  • More ways to search can be found here in our additional search guides

That’s a lot to take in, but hopefully it demonstrates how easy it is to find products in SureDone - and then do something with them.

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