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Orders in SureDone


The All Orders Page

The Orders page will show you all of your orders from all of your configured and authorized channels - all in one place - and let you manage them, search them, set statuses, add notes, process them and more. 

Before processing orders (you don't need this to view them - just to add labels or send them to a third party like ShipStation) - go to Settings > Organization > Contact to set your phone number and address (this sets the default ship from address), and also go to Settings > Shipping to enable a shipping integration (such as Stamps.com, FedEx, UPS, ShipStation, etc.).

Once you've done this, here's some information about the all orders page:

  • The left column shows all channels you have active. Click on one to see orders specifically for that channel.
  • At the top is a search bar, just like the products page. You can search for any part of an order. Click here to see more information on how to search.
  • You can modify the width of columns or what columns show by clicking on "Manage Columns" - and THEN adding/removing columns or changing the width.
  • You can display more columns than the screen will show, so note the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the orders list to move left and right.
  • The checkboxes in the first (most lefthand) column let you select orders for export, combining or marking shipped. 
  • Combining orders lets you take multiple orders and create a new single order from them. This is great when someone places multiple orders for multiple products and you want to save money and time by shipping them together.
  • You can quick change the status of an order by clicking on the dropdown under "Status" - to rejected, ready, refunded, canceled, pending, ordered or complete. You can then create saved searches for these statuses to make your life a bit easier.

The Single Order Page

This page lets you see everything about a specific order, modify information, add notes, enhance data and even ship your products and create labels.

  • The lefthand column lets you quickly jump to any part of the page.
  • At the bottom, you can enter in notes. Each of these will be date/time stamped.
  • Also at the bottom, you can split a multi-item order into multiple orders or display an invoice for printing (for your own records, or to include in the package).
  • Any field with a box around it can be edited. Hit Update at the bottom to update the order with your edits.
  • You can add additional items to an order by by clicking on "Add Item" in the Product Info section. This is great if you want to add a promotional item or an extra kit or bundle item into the order.
  • In the customer info section, we'll show the email address that was passed to us by the channel. In some cases, for example Amazon, this email address may be one assigned by the channel.
  • In the "Shipment" box (reached by clicking on Add Shipment)
    • Any missing information will be noted under the "Rates" section.
    • Rates will only show up if you've enabled a shipping partner (Settings > Shipping) AND have selected a partner under "Carrier". 
    • Selecting a different carrier under "Carrier" will show you the rates specific to that carrier.
    • Different rates will show up (or not show up) based on the package type, package dimension and units.
    • If you want to create a label for printing, make sure the "Create Label" checkbox is checked.
    • You don't have to mark an item as shipped just because you are creating a label. If your workflow says "Don't mark an item as shipped until it's in the hands of the carrier", you can always mark the product as shipped later. If you DO NOT select "Mark Order as Shipped", the tracking information will NOT be sent to the channel until you mark the order as shipped.
    • After you click on "Create Shipment" and you get a success message, you can scroll down the Shipment box a little to the "Existing Shipment" area and display or print your label.
    • You can create multiple shipments for a single order.

Additional Tips

  • You can go to Orders & Shipping > Awaiting Orders to show only orders that have not been shipped.
  • You can go to Orders & Shipping > Packing Slips to print out packing slips for all orders in the Ready status.
  • You can go to Orders & Shipping > Pick List to print out a pick list for all orders in the Ready status.
  • Invoices, packing slips and pick list templates can all be modified under Setting > Templates.

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