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Exporting and Importing Data With SureDone

SureDone's Export and Import functions are incredibly powerful and lead the market in versatility and speed. Honestly, there are no other platforms out there that have the flexibility of SureDone and also the performance. Period.


Exporting From SureDone

Let’s talk about exporting products from SureDone. It’s pretty powerful. We put some sample data in your account. If you already deleted it, that’s fine. Just follow along using your own data.

You can directly access the SureDone export page by clicking here, or click on Products > Export or Bulk > Export (depending on where you are in the system) to access our Export page.

  1. The “Search” box is the same as the search box at the top of every page. Enter in the details of what you’d like to search for using our standard search terminology (from the last e-mail, or by clicking here.

  2. Under “Add Export Fields”, click on each of the fields you want to export. We recommend always exporting guid. That way, if you want to re-import your data, it’s uniquely matched.

  3. You can sort the field list by clicking the “Sort” button under the export fields box. Put it back to its original order by clicking “Reset”. Add the selected fields by clicking “Add”. You can then select more fields and hit “Add” again.

  4. In the “Edit Export Fields” box, click on the “x” to the right of the field to remove it from the export. Click and drag a field to change the order it shows up in when you retrieve the actual export.

  5. If you pick “Include” under the Mode Selector Box, all products matching your search will be included in your export file. If you pick “Remove”, all products NOT matching your search will be included.

  6. You can save a search for future use by putting a name in the “Export Name” box and clicking on “Save” in the lower right corner. This will not actually run the search. If you change the search and want to save it to the same name, just click on “Save” again.

  7. We'll talk about bulk imports in a later article, but selecting an action under "Bulk Action" will automatically add that function into the correct column in the resulting csv file.

  8. Preview will show you (on an "Items" page) what items will be exported, based on your search and mode, when the export is run. While the preview page may show you fields that are different from the ones you selected, when you click on "+Export" on the preview page it will export with the fields you originally selected.

  9. The "Export" button will initiate the export without showing you a preview.

Once your export starts, you will see the status of the export below where you configured your export. While it's running, it will say "Pending". When it's done, this will be replaced by a Download link. Click on Download to retrieve your export.

Additional guides on exporting can be found here:

Importing Into SureDone

SureDone's Bulk Import engine is probably the most powerful on the market. Why? While other companies process your import files one line at a time, resulting in hours or days of waiting for large files, SureDone breaks your file into tiny parts, sends those parts to a large server farm (which automatically scales up based on load), and processes hundreds or thousands of lines simultaneously. We then take the same approach with sending your updated information to all of your channels - we send it as fast as they'll take it. We go so fast that we actually had to build in the ability to slow things down if the channel can't keep up.

  1. You can download a bulk export guide from this tab (or by clicking here when you're logged into SureDone). This guide will show you the names and formats of all of the SureDone built in fields. If you have multiple channels of the same type, you can append a number to the channel name. For example, ebaytitle is the title for your first ebay channel. ebay2title would be for your second, ebay3title for your third, etc. And you can add any custom field to the spreadsheet too.
  2. Enter an e-mail address here to get notified when you bulk upload processing is complete.
  3. Select the file you want to upload.
  4. SureDone supports uploading image files in conjunction with your data upload! Check out this guide for more information.
  5. Force allows you to overwrite fields which might get you into trouble if you don't know what you're doing - but also provides the flexibility to modify fields most other systems don't (like ebayid). You can tell SureDone to fully import and serve images referenced by URLs in the file and you can also tell the system to only update the SureDone system (skip all channels)
  6. Here you can pick specific channels to skip sending information to.
  7. Clicking on this tab will show you the status of your import, let you download a results file (which will show you successes and errors) and also let you download the original file you uploaded. Keep in mind that some channels take longer to process, so the results file may not show you errors for items being listed to Amazon, Walmart or elsewhere.

Here are a few important tips:

  • If you leave a cell blank, it may delete information in SureDone. For example, if you have a column title with 20 items under it, if you leave one of the titles blank it will delete the title for that item when imported into SureDone. Be very careful with this to ensure you do not lose any data!
  • If you're working in Excel, make sure that numbers haven't been turned into scientific notation and also that any fields that may contain items with leading zeroes are defined as a text field. Otherwise you may lose those leading zeroes!
  • Also, if you're working in Excel, note that the maximum size of any field is 32,767 characters. Google Sheets have a limit of 50,000 characters. LibreOffice Calc can supposedly take over 2 million characters in a cell but we have not tested that. This is important if you are editing a file that has a description that contains a large amount of HTML.

More guides on importing into SureDone can be found here: