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Automations in SureDone

SureDone's advanced Automation Engine gives our customers the ability to send or receive data between SureDone and almost any type of system in almost any type of format.

We offer dozens of pre-created automations which can be found by going to your dashboard and clicking on Automations in the left hand sidebar. We can also create custom automations for you. To further discuss automations, watch the video below and then make an appointment with our Success team by clicking here.

  • Connect to systems via: FTP, sFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, API, Amazon S3, eMail, EDI and through various other methods.
  • Retrieve or send files or information as CSV, plain or delimited TXT, JSON, XML, XLS, XLSX, PDF, any number of EDI forms or via API calls.
  • If you don't see the format you're looking for, schedule a call with us to discuss it. We're constantly enhancing our automation engine.

  • Connect to suppliers, distributors, or systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (like Oracle, Netsuite, SAP and more), Point of Sale (POS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions (such as Salesforce).
  • Exchange product information, inventory, pricing, orders, tracking and more.
  • List products to channels, or just stage the information on SureDone.
  • SureDone has a great team that can develop custom automations at a very reasonable cost.

Talk to us about your needs by scheduling an appoint here.

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