Collections in Shopify allow you to group products for display together. Shopify supports two types of collections - automatic and manual. Creating new collections is always done inside Shopify, but you can select a collection for a product to belong to from inside SureDone.

Automatic collections use various product attributes to automatically include products. As such, once you've defined an automatic collection in Shopify, you do not need to do anything (other than set product attributes) to assign a product to an automatic collection. For this reason, you won't see anything inside SureDone referring to automatic collections.

Manual collections, on the other hand, have products specifically assigned to them. SureDone supports adding a product to a manual collection once the collection has been created inside Shopify.

  1. Create your manual collection in Shopify.
  2. Inside SureDone, navigate to your Shopify settings (Settings > Plugins > Shopify).
  3. Click on the "Refresh" button under "Manual Collections" to refresh your list of collections.

  4. Find the product in SureDone you'd like to include in a collection and open the product.
  5. Navigate to the Shopify section.
  6. You will see a field called Collections. Select the collection (or multiple collections) you would like this product to be a part of.

  7. Update or Retry the item (or save it as a draft).