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Shopify Settings

The following settings must be configured in order for the Shopify integration to work:

Default Inventory Management:

If you want "SureDone" to manage the inventory updates automatically, you can select "Shopify" option from the drop-down options for "Default Inventory Management". This is a default setting and will apply even if you don't select any option for inventory management in the product editor page.

Setup Stock Fulfillment

Click on "Stock Fulfillment" link to map your SureDone "stock" fields to Shopify inventory locations. This option is also referred as "Stock By Mappings" in the legacy version of SureDone.

Select default Collection and Location

The values for "Collections" and "Locations" settings will be imported automatically from Shopify once you re-authorize the account.

Select a collection to be your default place products get placed when they sync from SureDone to Shopify.

Select a location in order for stock amounts to be synced, but what location they are synced to is controlled by the Stock By Mappings above.