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Kits & Bundles: Auto Price & Cost Calculation

The Kits & Bundles module supports dynamic kit/bundle price and cost calculation and the corresponding Kit Price and Cost Auto Calculate toggles are located in Settings -> Products & Inventory. When enabled and when the price or cost of a kit or bundle is set to 0, SureDone will attempt to auto calculate the price or cost values by combining the values of all of its components' price or cost respectively and the bulk headers are iskit_calculated_price and iskit_calculated_cost.

This feature allows the kits or bundles' price or cost to be calculated and updated dynamically as long as the price and cost are set to 0 and are not set by the user, as having specific price or cost values would be treated like an override similar to the ebayprice and ebaytitle headers, which show ghosted values like the price and title unless they are overridden by user values. If the price or cost value has been overridden by a user value, then the field and value would appear as normal, rather than ghosted and when calculating price or cost, it would be calculated as the sum of those fields from the components, with each field from the component multiplied by the second value for that component in the kit's kitlinks field.