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Kits & Bundles Basics


This documentation will cover how to use the Kits and Bundles functionality within SureDone. This includes an overview of the terminology used within this documentation, how to create new kits, how to search for kit products, how to delete kit products, and some troubleshooting notes.


The following terms will be used throughout this documentation.

  • Kit - a kit is a product that is composed of components, each component having a specific quantity of itself in the kit. An illustration of this is a skateboard kit. This kit would be composed of three separate components: a deck, some trucks, and some wheels. Each component would have its own specific quantity – one deck, two trucks, and four wheels. Selling one skateboard kit would reduce the stock of decks by one, the stock of trucks by two, and the stock of wheels by four.

    Skateboard Kit

  • Bundle - a bundle is a special case of a kit. It is composed of only one product. An illustration of this is a four pack of tires. The bundle contains one component, the tire, with a specific quantity of four. Selling one four pack bundle would reduce the stock of the tire components by four.

  • Product - This is the "product" that can be created on SureDone that represents the linked components of a kit. When used through the rest of this document, the term "product" always means the item that represents the collected components (and their quantities) of a kit. In the kit example above, the product would be the skateboard.

  • Component - A component is one of the individual products that makes up a kit. An example of a component would be one wheel of a skateboard.

You can find more information on how to create kits and bundles here: