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Adding & Editing Big Commerce Custom Fields in Bulk

After you import your Big Commerce custom fields and edit the mappings, you have the a few different options on how you can edit them in bulk. If you have yet to import your Big Commere custom fields, please go through this guide first: https://support.suredone.com/solution/articles/1000249394

You can update your items using JSON under the bigcommercecustomfields  header or you can update the custom fields using the SureDone custom field headers you use to update details for other channels. Similar to Amazon, you can map you SureDone custom fields to the Big Commerce ones you created. If you are opting to edit them using SureDone custom field headers, then make sure you remove the value in bigcommercecustomfields from your CSV since JSON takes precedence. 

Editing Using JSON

When adding or editing Big Commerce custom fields (Product Details) using JSON, you will need to make sure you have the bigcommercecustomfields header with a value in the following format:

The format includes the Big Commerce custom field (not the lowercase SureDone custom field) input with the value coming after the colon in quotes. You can use JSON validator like http://pro.jsonlint.com/ to make sure your value is valid.

If you want to add a new custom field using JSON, you add the new Big Commerce custom field in the JSON string (before the closing curly bracket) like so:

Removing Product Details Using JSON 

To remove a certain Product Details from your listing using JSON, you will just need to remove the Big Commerce custom field name and value you don't longer want shown. Continuing with the above example, if I wanted to remove the Size custom field, I would have it look as so:

Editing Using SureDone Custom Field Headers

As mentioned before, Product Details can either be updated using JSON or normal headers you would use for other channels. If you choose to add or edit Product Details with this method for an item, you will need to make sure bigcommercecustomfields header has no value in it since it takes precedence over the SureDone custom field headers. If we use the above example to edit their fields using headers, a bulk edit similar to the following can be submitted:

Removing Product Details Using SureDone Custom Field Headers

To remove any Product Details you don't want using SureDone custom field headers, you will just need to make sure that the header in your CSV is null similar to the following:

This will remove the field from the Big Commerce listing successfully. In the above example, the Flavor custom field was removed from the listing. For all the above actions, if you want to see your changes translate to the listing, you need to make sure your Big Commerce instance is not skipped upon submitting the bulk upload: