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How To: Editing Products in Bulk

This guide is a part of the “Introduction to Bulk” Series - for maximum learning, please read all the guides in the series! To view the whole series, go here!

This guide will show you the basics of how to edit your existing inventory using Bulk Spreadsheets. The following guide will then show you how to upload those files into the system.

You can create these files from scratch if you know the GUID and the information you are trying to change, but it’s often easier to just use a bulk export of your inventory. If you missed the guide on how to Bulk Export you data - check it out here.

Steps to Bulk Edit

1. Bulk export the items you are trying to edit & download the file

  • In this example we’re going to edit four products.

2. Open the file in Excel (or another spreadsheet application)

3. Insert a new column in front of the file

4.Type action=edit in cell A1

5. Change the information you are looking to edit by typing in the cells

  • In this example we’re going to change the title and specify a new price

Tip: you can save information in your spreadsheet by using invalid headers (e.g. oldprice) - the system will ignore them, but it’s a good way to store the information for reference.

6. Delete any headers you are not looking to edit - this will help minimize errors.

7. Save the file as a .csv and it’s ready for upload! (We’ll cover that in the next guide).

Important Tips

  • Remember to only upload the headers you are looking to edit. You should delete all the others. For example, if you exported the title so you could easily see which products you are editing, delete the title column before uploading to prevent errors. This is especially important with stock, which may have changed since you've exported if you’ve made any recent sales.
  • Invalid headers will be ignored. This allows you to store extra information for reference should you need to go back and check an old upload. It also makes it extremely important that you spell the headers correctly. A warning will display when you upload the file telling you which headers were ignored

  • If you include a blank cell, it will erase all the information for that cell. Only leave cells blank if you intend for them to be empty. In this example, the user is deleting 4 descriptions and all of their amazon prices by leaving fields blank...

For the next lesson, make sure to check out the guide on Uploading a Bulk File.