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How can I export of all the data for my inventory?

While logged into SureDone, navigate to Products > Exports.

Select all headers using CTRL +A (without the first Choose Multiple row) and then click Export Results. This is If you want all of the information contained in SureDone for all of your products.

If you want to pick and choose the information that will be included in the export, Highlight fields in the "Remove" section. 

Highlight any of the headers you don't need, use CTRL + click (one by one) or SHIFT + click (range) to select and remove multiple headers.

You can also remove all but select headers by click in the box labeled "Remove" and hitting CTRL + A (highlights all) and then holding down CNTL + click to deselect the fields you would like to keep.

Once you're done selecting which fields you'd like to export - Click Export Results. 

Depending on the size of you request - it could be instant or it could take some time to export the data.

For smaller uploads - refresh the page and it should appear

For larger uploads - check back later, either way we'll email the user that made the request as soon as the file is ready for download.

Once the file is ready, just click download and you will now have a .csv spreadsheet with all your skus and their information to do whatever you'd like with!