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Bulk: ACES CSV Support

The bulk uploader accepts ACES files in CSV format to support import of automotive fitment that is structured with a unique fitment per line on the CSV file. Originated from the need to support data from Sema Data Co-Op, a new action=fitment header along with with a minimum of guid, year, make, model headers are required to load fitment via this format and please see the example screenshot below: 

The complete list of valid headers that help with mapping to channel fitment such as eBay are as follows:

  • action=fitment
  • guid
  • year
  • make

  • model

  • submodel

  • engine

  • trim

  • bodytypename

  • bodynumberofdoors

  • liter

  • cylinders

  • blocktype

  • fueltypename

  • cc

  • cid

  • aspirationname

  • cylinderheadtypename

  • notes (or fitnotes - which will simply pass through and )

Note: For the field "year" - we also support the year ranges like for example 2018-2020

And other ACES attributes are accepted as well and stored within the SureFit to power fitment tables and more on your BigCommerce/Shopify/SureDone storefronts.