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Activating your Storefront

When activating your SureDone storefront, you will instantly create a subdomain (such as storename.suredone.com) where your storefront can stay until you are ready to transfer it to your storename.com domain.

To turn on your Storefront:

  1. Go to Settings > Storefront. 
  2. Select Storefront and toggle Site Status to the on position (turns blue).
  3. Click Save Settings at the bottom.

Once the site is activated, your storefront is now live and the Storefront tab is now visible on the top header bar. Do not turn the Site Visible option on until you are ready to make your site live. This will make your site searchable by Google. If your pages don't have content on them yet, Google may penalize you in rankings.

You are now ready to start making 4.2 Basic Updates on your Storefront.