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Bulk: Add Categories

The following cells need to be populated first and foremost, if creating new categories in bulk:

A1: action=add

B1: cid

The rest of the data that should be filled out is relevant to the headers listed with their definitions below:

title: title of the category

All values are acceptable for this field.

navdisplay: display the category on the storefront

0: category will be hidden

1: category will be displayed

navorder: the sequential order of the categories - the lower the number, the higher up the category tree it will be displayed

0: the first category

1: the second category

2: the third category

metadescription: category description including metadata

level: category level / hierarchy

1: 1st (top) level category

2: 2nd level category

3: 3rd level category

4: 4th level category

5: 5th level category

category1-5: database name for the category

The value for this field should be simplified as much as possible and should only contain alphanumerical characters and spaces. The values should be similar or the same as the title.

*Note: when creating 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th level categories, you must populate the values for their parent categories as well.

The spreadsheet ‘bulk-add-categories.csv’ contains an example of categories being created in bulk.

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