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Adding New Products and Kits

The recommended workflow depicted below represents what we consider best practice for the SkuVault integration with SureDone. 

Note: Customers are strongly encouraged to follow this workflow precisely as all documentation/ support refer to this workflow. If Customers deviate from this workflow, SureDone cannot guarantee accurate syncing, imports, or order handling.

Overall Process 

1.  New Products & Kits are created directly in SkuVault.

  • Inventory information should be entered as the product or kit is created.
  • Note that it is possible to create the product in SureDone and include the “skuvaultsku” field to link the systems. However this is not recommended, not least because SureDone cannot create kits, so new kits must be created in SkuVault.
2.  Within 10 minutes, the products & kits will be automatically imported into SureDone as products.
  • New products will be created with status = draft in SureDone.
  • If you have turned Automatic Import OFF, then this process can be scheduled.
3.  Product information in SureDone will need to be augmented in order to list to the desired channels (e.g.Category Information).
  • This can be performed via the UI or using the bulk upload of data. 
4.  Relist to your channels.
  • The relist action will move the product from a draft state to a published product and push it to all active channels.
5.  Products will appear as listings on the desired channels.