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How to: Set eCommerce Goals for use In SureDone

You will need to track eCommerce goals in order to analyze your online sales effectiveness. Google Analytics does this using programming code that tracks a customer using your shopping cart or web site. Information that it collects includes products purchased, purchase price and billing information like city, state and country. With this information, you will be able to analyze who is coming to your site, by what means (campaigns, referrals, etc.) and if it was effective. You will then be able fine tune your marketing efforts by tweaking your goals, increasing your effectiveness and as a result sales.

Note: Google Anayltics does come with template goals. If you don’t see them, you haven’t selected an industry within your account. To do so setup a property.

To setup your eCommerce goal for SureDone, do the following:

1.  Click on Admin > Goals > New Goal

2.  Once you click on New Goal, you will give it a Name and Goal type. There are four goal types destination, duration, pages/screen per session and events.

3. You will then apply a value to your Goal. This is optional but recommended as it helps to monetize and evaluate all interactions.

4. You may also apply a Funnel for a Destination Goal. A Funnel is a sequence of pages you anticipate users seeing before reaching a Goal. Enter the steps in the section (s) provided, clicking on Add another Step to do just that. Below is what you need to set up two Destination Goals to track a customer through the account and cart in SureDone.

5. Once you are finished, click on Save Goal.