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SkuVault Plugin Settings Expanded Explanation

Plugin Settings

Tenant Token & User Token - these are both retrieved from you SkuVault Account at https://app.skuvault.com/admin/integrations/shipworks

● The Tenant Token may be labeled as “Company Token”

Default Import Price - Integer (up to 2 decimals) - This is the price that will be used for imported Products & Kits that do not have a price in SkuVault.

● Defaults to 1,000

Import Kits - ON/OFF - When this is ON, SureDone will import kits. If it is OFF, SureDone will only import product and not kits for now.

● Default is ON

Automatic Import - ON/OFF - When this is turned ON, SureDone will run an import every 10 minutes. When this feature is OFF, products will not import.

● Defaults to OFF

Last Sync Time - Enumerated List - This allows the user to manually override the LastSyncTime & LastImportTime. so that the next automatic or scheduled import/sync will include everything as far back as the time selected here. The user will have the following option:

● DEFAULT = Use the system stored LastSyncTime

● NEVER = Treat the import/sync as if this was the initial import (search all the way back in history)

● 1DAY




* DAY refers to a 24 hour period

* WEEK refers to a 7 day period

Schedule Product Import - ON/OFF - When this is turned ON, SureDone will schedule a single SkuVault import that will run on the next sync cycle. After the import, the setting will return to OFF.

● Defaults to OFF

Sync Orders - ON/OFF - When this is turned ON, SureDone will send order data to SkuVault.

● Defaults to ON

Sync Inventory - ON/OFF - When this is turned ON, SureDone will run the inventory sync on the regular cycle.

● Defaults to OFF