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How to Force a SkuVault SKU

If you notice that certain SkuVault changes, like stock value, aren’t being reflected on SureDone, you should look under in your product editor under the SkuVault section and see if the SkuVault SKU is there. This is how it should look:

If it looks like the following, then you need to force your SkuVault SKU in:

The way to force in your SkuVault SKU is via a bulk upload with the following fields:

After you have filled in your fields and saved it as a .csv you can go to Products > Bulk Upload. First select your file you want to upload then check Force and Skip All Channels:

When you have done the above, click Upload. When the upload has finished you can go back to the product editor and see that your SkuVault SKU is now displayed: