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SkuVault Treatment of Kits

SkuVault supports the creation of kits for items (see: http://skuvault.com/features/product-kitting.php).

Products are passed to SureDone as: 

  • A SKU identifier
  • An inventory quantity

However in SKUVault, the SKU could represent either:

  • A Product – The inventory value represents the quantity on hand.
  • A Kit – a product ID representing a kit to be assembled. The inventory value sent represents the maximum number of kits that could be created using the components on hand.

For most businesses (who sell both the components and the kits) the second process is their preferred approach as it allows greater flexibility.

  • The inventory value passed to SureDone is the sum of the above 2.


SureDone will automatically import both new products & new kits from SkuVault, which have been added since the last sync time.