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Finding Drop Shipping Automation Errors

You have an existing drop shipping automation activated/enabled in your account, however some or all orders are not being sent to your supplier / vendor. Here's what you should see happening and further see how to find errors (example provided below):

When an order is successfully sent to a supplier / vendor, by default, the status of the order in SureDone should be set to "ORDERED". However, if an order is not sent to the supplier / vendor, you may find that the order status in SureDone may show "READY" or "REJECTED". In case if you see the order status showing "READY", then look out for the Order Item Status, it may be set to "REJECTED", this happens if there is an error returned from the vendor/supplier, and we'll show you here how to review those errors. 

1) Copy the full order number - that will be the order number prefixed with the channel name, let's say in this case, we are looking at an order that was attempted to be automatically sent to a supplier (Turn14) and it came back with a "REJECTED" status. So copy the full order number and from your dashboard, go to your Logs page

2) Use the Add filter by drop down and select identifier

3) This will pop up a window asking to enter the identifier, paste the full order number in there and click on the blue button "Add filter"

4)  Usually, you will see a failure for the order like the one in the screenshot below:

5) Expand the order by clicking on the toggle button on the left and copy the request id

6) Add the request id field from the "Add filter by" drop down into the log view and paste this request id copied from the previous step above.

7) Remove the identifier field from the filter and only keep the request id field in there

8) Then expand the log which shows the shared automation ID as the identifier and you will be able to see the reason why this order failed

In this case, you will see Turn14 rejected the order due to invalid/unacceptable values in the name. When you look back at the order in SureDone, you'd see a special character in the name which is something the vendor does not accept and hence they have rejected the order.

To fix this, go in and update the name, remove the "REJECTED" status from the order item status and update the order status from "REJECTED" to "READY", on the next automation run, this order should be pushed through to the vendor/supplier. In case it gets Rejected again, then follow the same steps above to troubleshoot the errors.

(Note - In case you have cancelled the order directly on the channel (eBay or Amazon), then the order status in SureDone may already be reflecting as "CANCELED" and hence this order will not be pushed to your supplier / vendor)