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Meyers / Meyer Distributing



Are you looking to automate Meyer Distributing pricing, and inventory/stock updates and dropshipping when listing products to eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Walmart.com, BigCommerce and other e-commerce marketplaces and channels?

The Meyer connection is comprised of six separate automations, each performing a function.

You should enable them in this order. Read the description for each section to understand why.

  1. Meyer SKU Import
  2. Meyer Cost Import
  3. Meyer Inventory Update
  4. Meyer Orders Drop Shipping Test (Meyer Distributing requires a drop shipping test prior to enabling automated dropshipping).
  5. Meyer Orders Drop Shipping
  6. Meyer Orders Tracking Import

You will need API and FTP credentials and setup information from your Meyer Distributing representative in order to use these automations.

Adding the Automations

  1. Click on Automations in the lefthand column of SureDone

  2. Click on "Install New Automation" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

  3. Search for "Meyer" to view available Meyer Distributing Automations.

  4. Select "Install" to add the automation to your SureDone account. In this case, start with the SKU Import (read the order of installation above)

Drop Shipping Modes

There are two modes the Drop Shipping integration may operate in: Manual Drop Shipping and Automated Drop Shipping.

  • Manual Drop Shipping - On the order page, you manually set order item vendor with a value of meyer for orders that may be sent to Meyer Distributing and then save the order.
  • Automated Drop Shipping - If automated drop shipping is enabled, and meyerstock is the first stock control field (found under Settings > Selling > Stock Options > Stock Control Fields) that shows the product in stock, SureDone will automatically send the order to Meyer Distributing. In other words, let's say you have 2 vendors you can order the product from - XYZ and Meyers. In the stock control field setting (mentioned previously) it shows "xyzstock meyerstock", if xyzstock has positive stock AND meyerstock has positive stock (as seen in on the item page itself), we'll first fulfill using "xyz". If it shows "meyerstock xyzstock", and both distributors have the product in stock, we'll send the order to Meyers since it's listed first.

Shipping Service Mapping for Drop Shipping

SureDone offers an optional feature for mapping of requested eBay and Amazon shipping services to their equivalent offered by the distributor. In order to leverage this feature you must turn Ship Service Mapping on in the Parameters section of the integration. It is disabled by default. To understand which eBay/Amazon shipping service map to which vendor shipping service, please see the following Distributor Ship Services Mapping Sheet. In the sheet, if you do not see a distributor shipping service that matches that of the Amazon/eBay shipping service then there is no direct mapping for that service and the automation uses the default shipping type.

Meyer Distributing SKU Import

  • This will create a "meyersku" field in your account. 
  • The automation will attempt to link existing products in your account to those in the Meyer catalog by matching with the UPC of each of your products (so make sure you have UPCs in your products already on SureDone).
  • Runs every hour at the 30th minute.

Meyer Distributing Inventory Update

  • This will create a "meyersku" and "meyerstock" fields in your account.
  • The "meyerstock" field will automatically be added as a stock control field (found under Settings > Selling > Stock Options > Stock Control Fields). Any number in this field will be added to the stock sent to your marketplaces. Make sure stock control fields are in order of preference for when you have products that can be purchased from more than one distributor.
  • Make sure you have first enabled the SKU Import
  • Connects to Meyers and updates products with a matching "meyersku" with the latest inventory levels.
  • Runs every hour at the 30th minute past the hour.

Meyer Distributing Cost Import

  • This will create a "meyercost" field in your account.
  • Make sure you have first enabled the SKU Import.
  • You will need to request the following information from Meyer Distributing: FTP host, FTP Username, FTP Password, FTP Port, FTP Path, and FTP Type (we only support FTP or sFTP).
  • Will automatically create a meyercost field when enabled.
  • Connects to Meyers and updates meyercost with a matching "meyersku" with your latest cost. 
  • Optionally, LTL Eligible may be mapped to meyerltleligible to be used in price rule automations (you will need to create this custom field first).
  • This integration will not update channels as it is setting internal information only.
  • Runs every three hours at the top of the hour.

Meyer Distributing Orders Drop Shipping Test

  • This tests drop shipping in coordination with Meyer Distributing.
  • You will need API credentials from your Meyer Distributing representative.
  • Create a test order with a Meyer Distributing Product.
  • Set the order item vendor to "meyer" (without the quotes).
  • Once the order has gone through, confirm with eorders.mailbox@meyerdistributing.com to let them know.
  • Once testing is complete, you can disable this automation and enable the drop shipping automation.
  • Runs every hour at the 15th minute.

Meyer Distributing Orders Drop Shipping

  • Sends your orders to Meyer Distributing. 
  • Read the section, above, on manual vs. automated drop shipping.
  • Runs every 5 minutes.
  • Note: Orders placed that total $500.00 or greater will be shipped with signature confirmation.

Meyer Distributing Orders Tracking Import

  • Checks the Meyer system to see if an order has one or more tracking numbers assigned to it.
  • If tracking numbers are assigned, they will be added to the order in SureDone and sent to the channel the order originated from.
  • Runs ever hour at the 45th minute.