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Limits Exceeded Errors


General Information

For users signing up in 2020 or later, we have moved to a more flexible pricing model that allows smaller businesses to gain access to the hundreds of features SureDone offers while maintaining an attractive price point as they grow into hundred million dollar enterprises. By placing caps on certain actions, and increasing the size of those caps with each tier, we can control costs and pass those savings along.

Each subscription tier offers a preset limit of product updates, order volume and other features. We have found that as customer's revenues increase, and the number of products managed and listed increase, so do our costs. So instead of arbitrarily limiting access to various features, we'd just align your costs to our costs and make all (well, 98% of them) of our capabilities available at every plan level. 

What are the errors?

The below lists errors that may be encountered when exceeding plan limits for a given subscription tier:

  • Limits exceeded for ordersVolume
    The order volume in SureDone exceeds plan limits.

  • Limits exceeded for updates
    The number of product updates allowed have been exceeded.

  • Limits exceeded for storefront
    The plan does not include the use of the hosted SureDone storefront.

  • Limits exceeded for exports
    The plan restricts the number of bulk exports allowed.

  • Limits exceeded for shipstation
    The plan does not include the use of ShipStation.

  • Limits exceeded for shipworks
    The plan does not include the use of ShipWorks.

  • Limits exceeded for SkuVault
    The plan does not include the use of SkuVault.

  • Limits exceeded for {channel name}
    The number of product listings exceeds plan limits.

What are the plan limits?

All of the limits below are monthly limits unless otherwise specified. How we count each one of these limits is detailed below this table.

Orders$10,000 EXCEPT up to $100,000 on Google, Facebook and/or InstagramUp to $25,000 EXCEPT up to $100,000 on Google, Facebook and/or Instagram$125,000$250,000
Product Updates10,00010,000100,0001,000,000
Product Listings10, EXCEPT up to 10,000 on Google, Facebook and/or Instagram10,000100,0001,000,000
FeaturesAll features except Storefront, ShipStation, Shipworks SKUVault and DCI/SEMA.All features except SKUVault and DCI/SEMAAll featuresAll features

How do you define Orders?

When we receive an order from one of your connected channels, the amount in US Dollars is applied to your plan's allowances. A few notes:

  • We do not remove cancelled orders from this as we still process these within SureDone before they are canceled. 
  • If you are on the Free or Pro plans, you receive up to $100,000 order per month on Facebook, Instagram and Google, with a separate allowance of orders for all other channels. 
  • If you are on the Grow or Power plans, your orders are aggregated for all channels with a single allowance.

How do you define Product Updates?

A single "product update" occurs when you:

  • Touch a product by editing values in the user interace.
  • Touch a product by editing values via our bulk system.
  • Touch a product by editing values via our automation system.
  • Touch a product by editing values via our API. 

If you are changing multiple fields on a single product, all at one time, this is considered a single product update. 

What are examples of "updates"?

  • If you use our Automation Engine to retrieve inventory and price updates from a supplier, and they send an update containing 100 products, each time it runs (and most run multiple times a day), this is considered 100 "product updates". So if it runs 5 times a day with 100 changed products every time, that will be 500 "updates" from your plan total.
  • If you upload a bulk file that changes the price on 100 items, this is considered 100 "updates". 
  • Using our user interface, If you update the price, inventory, title, description and category of 1 item, this is considered 1 "update".
  • If you change 12 fields on 3 items while using our API, this is considered 3 "updates".

However, an adjustment of inventory due to a received order is not considered a "product update".

How do you define Product Listings?

  • Each time you send a product to a channel for sale, it's considered 1 listing towards your plan listing allowance. 
  • Unlisting a product does not reduce the number of listings you've made in the month. 
  • The number of channels a product is listed to also has no bearing on the listing allowance. It's only based on how many products are actively listed.

What happens if I exceed my allowances?

For each type of allowance, if you exceed it in a month:

  • Orders - All product updates will no longer be allowed. For example, updating product descriptions, updating tracking in orders and inventory synchronization when an order is received will no longer happen until you upgrade your account or your allowances are reset.
  • Product Updates - No additional product updates will be allowed via the user interface, bulk system, automation system or API.
  • Product Listings - No additional products will be allowed to be listed.

Please keep in mind that if you exceed order allowances and inventory updates no longer occur, your inventory levels may no longer be accurate on your channels or within SureDone.

When do my allowances reset?

Your allowances will all reset at the beginning of each billing cycle. For example, if you are charged on the 21st, then your allowances would be reset on the 21st of each month.

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