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Error Code 45 Category (Taxonomy Not Correct)


Error Code 45 Category (Taxonomy Not Correct)


This error means that you must have consecutive category set.  e.g.,  you can not set a child category with out having the parent.

Car and Truck Parts - Parent Category

  • Diesel Engine Parts - Child Category
  • Gas Engine Parts - Child Category

Before setting "Gas Engine Parts" as Category2, you must set "Car and Truck Parts" as Category1.

Tip: If editing in bulk, they must go in order (Parent/Level 1 in Category1 followed by Level 2 in Category2 followed by Level 3 in Category3, etc).
Tip: Spelling and capitalization matters, make sure that you check the spelling for each category matches the Category Title.

Note: If these categories were imported from eBay, you'll need use the Category ID Number, which can be found in Settings > eBay Options > Store Categories

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