Start Items: Failure

Errors(1): sku|uri:55


In Suredone you cannot have duplicate skus.  if you try to create an item with a sku that matches an existing sku in Surdone you will receive this error.  Another way to receive this error is if you are trying to edit items in bulk and you use action=add instead of action=edit in error, this is because the system thinks you are trying to add those items to Suredone, b ut the skus already exist.

Solution 2 (Very Rare Cases) :

This could be caused by the SKU generator not being up to date with the latest SKU. If you are using the sku generator (rather than assigning your own skus) you should check to make sure the 'Sku Latest' counter is accurate as Suredone may be trying to create an already existing sku.

To Resolve, go to Settings > Products & Inventory > Skus and make sure that the latest SKU in the account is equivalent to the SKU found under 'Sku Latest'.

If it is not, put in the value of the newest SKU found in the account and hit Save Settings. This should allow for you to now successfully generate SKUs.