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Processing Orders in Bulk in SureDone

Caution: This process has changed in the SureDone. Please refer to this guide instead.

There are currently two ways to manually update tracking in SureDone. Both methods require going to Orders Shipping > Upload Tracking.

Updating in Bulk

The first way tracking can be updated is in bulk. Similar to updating your items in bulk, you will need to save the file as a .csv. However, unlike bulk updating items, you do not include any headers or action column.

The .csv file format is to have order number, shiptracking, shipdate, shipcarrier and shipservice looking similar to the following:

If a header isn’t being updated, the cell in its column should be empty. Once the .csv is put together and saved, it can be uploaded in the following section:

After the file is chosen and “Upload Tracking” is clicked, you will be led to the following screen to confirm your updates:

There are options that can be chosen in bulk on an order by order basis for uploading the tracking, emailing the customer and marking the order as shipped. Once this is confirmed, you can press the “Confirm & Email Ship Tracking” to update the orders.

It’s important to note that the shipdate field can either be NOW or in YYYY-MM-DD format (i.e. 2016-07-26). The shiptracking field can be updated to be the tracking number but you can also update it to whatever you want. The most common updates are PENDING, ORDERED, CANCELED, etc. Any entry in the shiptracking field (besides ORDERED and PENDING) will place the order in the Shipped tab as opposed to the Awaiting tab. If you want to include multiple tracking numbers in the field, you can separate them out using an asterisk (*) or comma.

Also check our guide for Updating Individual Orders