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Fulfilling Split Shipments Using Ship SKU

There may be times when you have a multi item order and have to fulfill each line item from separate sources/warehouses and potentially at different times. For channels that support it, you'll want to fulfill each order item as connected to a specific product SKU so that the end customer understands which ship tracking number correlates to which order item, especially if they are to arrive separately.

To accommodate this, SureDone utilizes the concept of a shipsku to connect line item fulfillments. For instances where you need to split ship a single order item by quantity, SureDone utilizes the optional concept of shipquantity, which by default will set to the quantity of the SKU quantity ordered.

To set line item fulfillment using shipsku via a bulk file, use the following headers:


,12345,USPS,1231231231231,"USPS First Class",NOW,ABC123,1

Optionally, you may use order which is the combination of channel + ordernumber as the identifier.

When using the API, you may encounter the shipitems structure, found inside of the shipments.shipdetails object. This stores which order items and quantities are associated with a specific shipment, as well as tags which line item shipments have been sent to an external channel for fulfillment.


The above structure indicates that the shiptracking 123123123123  has ship quantity of 1 for order item SKU U8800ZZZ - and has not been fulfilled / marked shipped on the connected channel. 

Note: when using shipsku - the SKU must be a value that matches one of the order item SKUs.