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Magento and Magento 2 Fitment - Year/Make/Model

;SureDone supports sending fitment data to Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.x. However, once the fitment data is sent, you will need to work with a Magento developer to make it searchable and available for display.

  • By default, only fitment information for the first instance of eBay will be sent. In order to send information from an eBay instance other than the first, you must contact support to have your settings changed. 
  • In order to send fitment information to Magento, the eBay Fitment Converter Field and its associated delimiter fields must be filled out. The eBay Fitment Converter Field should be filled in with the field name of the Magento attribute that will receive the fitment information.

Steps to Configure Magento Year/Make/Model / Product Fitment

  • Create a custom field (such as ebaymagento_fitment or ebay2magento_fitment) on your Magento server.
  • In your Magento or Magento 2 settings on SureDone, click on "Sync Attribute Sets" and wait for the success message. This will pull your new custom field into SureDone.

  • There are two different ways to fill out the rest of the fields.
    • The first option will send fitment values to Magento in a JSON format. 
    • The "eBay Fitment Converter" Field should be filled in with the field name of the Magento custom field/attribute that you created and that will receive the fitment information.
    • The second way will send in fitment values to Magento in a flat format.
      • The flat format will only send Year, Make, and Model for the EPIDs in the Fitment section.
      • For this format, fill out the Compatibility delimiter, Aspect Delimiter, and Notes delimiter with characters that will be used to separate these types of information in the Magento field.