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Using Variations in Magento

How Variations work in Magento:


  • The Parent listing in Magento is considered a dummy product. This means that it is just an umbrella for organizing the individual variants and has no inventory of its own.
    • The individual Child listings are actual products with stock quantities.
    • In Magento, the dummy parent is known as a “Configurable Product”.
    • You can recognize the dummy parent by the –parent tag at the end of the Magento SKU.
  • Updating the Parent in SureDone, will update the dummy parent in Magento as well.
  • All children are created as single, “Simple Products,”
    • Each simple product stores separate values for their attributes, such as price, stock, etc.
  • In Magneto, you can list these simple products individually in addition to listing them under the parent umbrella.
    • SureDone always sets the children to “Not Visible Individually”.
  • Even though each child can have a separate title in the listing details, Magento will display the dummy parent’s title.


Listing Requirements

Required Fields

  • Title
  • Stock (can be 0)
  • Price (this may be 0, but the item will be available for free online)
  • Attribute Set
  • Required Attributes (dictated by your attribute set)

Recommended Fields

  • Categories (so people can find the product by searching on your website)
  • Descriptions (to provide more information about the item)
  • Tax Class (so taxes calculate properly)
  • Note: Without tax class or a description, the item will not be editable in Magento until they are added.


These fields are the same for variations. If you have any trouble listing variation items, double check that Configurable product is set to yes and catalogue input type is set to dropdown. 

This section includes:

6.3.1 How to Push a Variation from SureDone