File Only Import

When you import from Magento, SureDone will create a formatted bulk results file, which you can use to upload the items into SureDone.

To create the items in SureDone:

1. Go to Settings > Plugins > Magento and click on “Import Products” to start the import. The import may take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the size of your inventory.

· Once the import is complete, a file will appear under “Bulk Results”

2. Download the bulk results file by going to Products>Bulk Uploads>Results.

3. Download the Results file you need to your computer and open the file in Excel.

4. Click on the first column and insert a row to the left of the first column.

5. In the inserted column, enter action=‘start’, ‘add’, or ‘edit’.

· action=start will create a draft listing of each item in the list

· action=add will create and list each item.

· action=edit will map to existing products and update the listing.

  • By default the file is set to action=start
  • Remember that fields like price & title are often mapped to both price & magentoprice
  • Take time to review the file and only import the headers you need to avoid overwriting existing data.
  • If the newly imported field is not already in SureDone, SureDone will automatically create a new custom field for the information along with the import.
  • There are a few standard Magento headers we use – See the Using Bulk Functionality with Magento in section 6.4 for more information.

Special Headers for Variations

  • When creating variations, SureDone will use the SKU of the first Child Variant in Magento as the SureDone SKU for that product.
  • On products imported from Magento, be sure to always include the magentoparent header to indicate which parent umbrella each variant goes under, since the parents are not imported into SureDone.