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How To: Setup Google Shopping

This guide will tell you how to setup your datafeed, for Google Shopping. You will need to have a Google Merchant account. If you do not have an account yet, no problem, just read our guide: How To: Setup Google Merchant.

1. Go to Google Merchant Center, and Sign in


2. In the Dashboard, click on “Data Feeds” from the left sidebar


3. Click “New Data Feed”



4. Choose your target country



5. Choose “GoogleBase” from the “Format” drop-down menu



6. Enter “base.xml” Under “Data Feed Filename”


7. Click “Save Changes”


8. Now you will see the new data feed you added



9. Click “Create Schedule” under the “Upload Column”


10. Set your upload to occur “Daily” at “5am” (this is dependent on how often you update your products)



11. Set your timezone to your location



12. Open a new window & login to your SureDone account


13. Click “Settings” from the left sidebar


14. On the “Summary” tab scroll down to the very bottom


15. Copy your  “Google Base” URL



16. Go back to your pop up window in Google Merchant


17. Paste your “Google Base URL” from step # 15 into the “Feed URL”


18. Click “Schedule and Fetch Now”



19. You should now see your new data feed with “processing” in the status column


20. Click “Settings” from the left sidebar


21. Under the drop-down click “Tax and Shipping”


22. Click “Add a Shipping Method”  under the “Shipping Methods”



23. Choose “United States” from “Select Shipping Region” drop down menu



24. Choose “lbs” from “Select weight unit” drop down menu


25. Click “Carrier Calculated” under “Select how you calculate shipping”


26. Now choose your preferred carrier from the drop-down menu


27. Optionally, you can adjust rates


28. Optionally, add any price, weight or  number of items exceptions


29. Add your zip code


30. Label your shipping method “SureDone”


31. Click “Save”


32. Click “Add your Tax Settings” under the “Tax Settings"



33. If you do not charge taxes, click “save


34. If you do charge taxes choose “Specifying by state” to enter the percent in yourself OR choose “Using Tax Data Systems” to just select the states and it will automatically calculate for you