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How To: Verify Your Domain with Google

Please Note: You can only verify your domain if you have a custom/personal domain set. In other words, if your domain ends with ".suredone.com" (like your_user_name.suredone.com), you need to set up a domain specifically for your company in order to see the "Site Tracking & Verification Tab".

When Google asks you to verify your website for YouTube, Google+, the Google Merchant Center or other Google platforms, you will almost always be asked to do it via "Webmaster Tools". Your first screen may look similar to this:

There are only a few simple steps you need to go through in order to verify your SureDone site.

  1. On the screen above, click on "Alternate methods".
  2. Select the HTML Tag method

  3. Instructions will appear to copy a meta tag. Ignore these instructions, but copy the long string of letters and numbers next to content into a notepad or document. Do not include the quotation marks.

  4. In another window, go to SureDone.

  5. Go to Settings / Storefront / Site Tracking & Verification and enter this string into "Google Verification".

  6. Hit "Save Settings".

  7. Go back to the Google verification page, and click on verify.

You should receive a notice about your site being successfully verified.