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Ending an Amazon Listing

Unlike eBay, your listings on Amazon will not naturally end when the stock quantity reaches zero. Instead they will be flagged as “Out of Stock”.

Ending a Listing on all Channels:

If you want to end the listing on All of your channels before the stock reaches zero, use the following steps.

1. You will first need to find the product you want to end by selecting it from the list view on the All Products page. .

a. You can filter the list by searching for the item by clicking on the magnifying glass from the right side of the header navigation bar.

2. Click the checkbox on the left of the item that you want to end.

a. You can end several items at once by checking more than one box.


3.  From the bulk actions dropdown menu, select Bulk End.

4. Click on End to confirm the action.

5. Your listing has now been ended on all the channels you had listed it on.

Ending a Listing just on Amazon:

  1. Open the product you want to end.

  2. Check the channels on which you want to end the item. In this case we are only ending the listing on Amazon.

  3. Click on the Selection Action button at the bottom and choose Disable from the list.