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Copying an Amazon Listing

Need to list an item that is very similar to an item you already have listed on Amazon? You can do it very easily in SureDone by creating a similar listing.

  1. Go to Products>All Products to see the list of your current products. 
  2. Find the product you want to copy from the list, or search for the listing using the search function. 
  3. Hover your mouse in the SKU/GUID cell of the item of interest to reveal the blue triangle. 

  4. Click on the blue triangle to reveal the action list. 

  5. Click on Create Similar. 

  6. In the popup window, change the title and GUID if you like (if you do not, the GUID will automatically add a -1, -2, etc to the end).

  7. Click +Create to create a draft of your new item.

a. All the information from the original product is copied, except for the listing ids on the selling channels.

b. Thus, Items are not connected to Amazon in draft mode.  

      8.   Make any edits you need and click “Retry Item” to list the item to the channel.

a. Be sure to check the List on checklist to ensure that you are only listing the item on the channels that you want.

b. Your item is now sent to Amazon for processing.