1. To begin, navigate to Catalog>Attributes>Manage Attribute Sets. 

  2. Select to Add or Edit an Attribute Set. 

  3. You will notice the mandatory system attributes marked with a symbol. You can reorder them, but not delete or remove them. You can drag any of the custom user attributes into any group you like. Try and group them as logically as you can to avoid confusion. 

  4. If you create or update an Attribute or an Attribute Set you will need to click the refresh button in your SureDone Magento plugin settings before it can be used.
  5. To refresh Attribute Sets go to your Settings > Plugins > Magento and click “Refresh” under the “Attribute Set” Dropdown. 

  6. You will now be able to use the attribute set in the product listing page and bulk upload listings.

Please ensure that you understand 6.2.3 How Sync Works before listing new products to avoid errors.