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Setting up Magento in SureDone

Your Magento account can be set up in SureDone in a few easy steps.  Before using the steps below, please make sure you have successfully installed the Magento Extension, by following the instructions in 6.1.1 Installing the Magento Plugin

Adding a Role for SureDone

1. Login into your Magento Account.

2. Click on System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC – Roles


3. Click on Add New Role and Add suredone in the Role Name field.

4. Click Save Role.

5. Now go to Role Resources on the left and select ALL instead of Custom.

6. Click Save Role.

7. Next, click on System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users 

8. Click on Add New User.

9. Fill in the following information as follows:

a. User Name: suredone

b. First Name: Magento (suggested, can select anything)

c. Last Name: Setup (suggested, can select anything)

d. Email: magento@suredone.com

e. API KEY: Type in anything you are likely to remember here. You will need to add it to the Confirmation field as well.

f. The account is: Active


10. On the left, select User Role and then select suredone for the user.

Adding your Magento Credentials in SureDone

Now you can add your credentials in your SureDone account.

1. Login into your SureDone Account.

2. Magento Host URL: https://YOURDOMAIN.com/index.php/

3. API User: suredone

4. API Key: The API key you created

5. Click Authorize to test if the credentials work

6. If you receive Success, then click Submit.

7. Refresh the page if you do not see an update.

Note:  If the https://YOURDOMAIN.com/index.php/ doesn’t work you many need to replace the https:// with http://. You may also get it to work without the /index.php.

 You are now ready for 6.2 Creating and Managing Attributes so you can start listing products on Magento.