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Suredone webhooks

I would like to request webhook functionality.

The webhook should be authenticated, ether HMAC(sha256) or with bearer token

Here are some of the events I am looking for

Infrequent events.
Bulk upload created: for when a bulk upload is created via API/Web UI
Bulk upload completed: This is when a bulk upload completed (or failed)
Bulk export submitted: For when a bulk export is submitted
Bulk export completed: For when a bulk export is complete.
Custom Field added: When a custom field is added. (both product and order item)

Frequent events.
This is for event that occur >= 5/sec
For example logs. According to the log API, between `2024-07-01 00:00:01` and `2024-07-02 00:00:01` 1,574,229 logs were generated. This is an average of 18 events per second!

It may make sense to batch these webhooks, for example send in a single request 10 events.
It may also make sense to use a event streaming system (Apache Kafka, AWS SQS, Rabbit MQ) instead of HTTP POST requests.

The events I am looking for here are.
Item changes: after any changes to a item, send the whole (updated) item in the event body.
Log: for every log generated send the log as an event

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