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Bulk Reslist feature for Etsy Platform

 I have noticed that when an Etsy listing hits it's 4 month listing duration, it goes into an expired state (capture1).  On SD, the listing still shows a transaction id number even though the listing is currently expired.  A relist on the Etsy platform is an additional $.40 each time so I want to make sure the listing is expired before relisting it.  Since the Etsy active and expired listings show up the same in the SD (capture2) I would either like the ability for an auto re-list feature on Etsy or at least the ability to sort what listings are in an expired state so they can be easily relisted.  Under the current system, I find I am having to toggle between the Etsy screen and SD to list items one by one when they show up as expired on Etsy.  It is proving to be very time consuming relisting them one by one.  I have faith the "brains" behind SD can find a simple solution to the problem.

(57.3 KB)
(26.4 KB)
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