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Ebay canceled order - suredone option to not change stock

When an ebay order is canceled suredone replenishes that quantity back to stock. It does not relist the item on ebay.  I would like to be able to manually replenish the item so that I know it goes to ebay and suredone and I can do it right after the order is canceled rather than waiting the 6 hours for suredone to replenish and then check back to see if it did and relist it to ebay. 

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  • This is a source of great issue for our account as well.  I would prefer that Suredone allow the account to be turned off for this feature so we can manually add the stock back if needed.  Sometimes orders are canceled and the stock doesn't need to be added back (inventory discrepancy, damage etc....)

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  • Other platforms I reviewed (solid commerce and linnworks) have these types of features. 

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  • This feature is planned and will be added during a revamp of our order system later this year - probably late Q3 or early Q4 but don't quote me on that!

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  • Yes please fix this.. we have stock show up over 24 hours after a return or cancel from ebay and the uncertainty of the stock handling has lead to overselling or never putting item back in inventory as its somewhat confusing.  

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  • This has also caused inventory problems for me with overselling, unhappy customers and ebay defect strikes.  

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  • Q3 and Q4 have passed.  This is still a waste of time for me having to deal with quantity errors. 

  • Another year goes by and this still hasn't been addressed. 

  • This just came and bit me again.  I had to cancel an order because it was out of stock by mistake.  Suredone automatically relisted it and it sold again... so now I have another ebay customer that I will have to cancel with. I normally send myself an email to fix suredones auto relist feature, but forgot on this one. Can suredone please address this issue!. 

  • Hi Blake -

    This is actually an option to turn off in the system at this point. If you go under channels > ebay and look for "Orders Cancel Restock" and turn it off, it will no longer put items back in stock if an order is canceled. 

    Chris @ SureDone

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