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Better user control / permissions / roles needed

I think we need better control of user accounts to include permissions, roles as well as allowing users to customize the way they see the screens. Currently we have over half a dozen users in Suredone. I cannot control important user permissions or roles with these accounts. Also, they cannot control the layout or the way Suredone displays information to them. 

For example, soon I will have more than 1 ebay store on Suredone as well as multiple Magento sites (instances). However, I cannot control which stores a user sees or has access to. 

For example, I want my employees to see ALL my products, but I do not want all my employees seeing ALL store instances. Specifically, I do not want the employee responsible for ebay store #2 making mistakes on ebay store #1. At this time I do not have that control. All employees can access and make mistakes on all instances. 

Another problem is account isolation and customization. 

For example, I have three employees and each has a different role. Employee #1 is responsible for processing ORDERS in Suredone. Employee #2 is responsible for creating new PRODUCTS in suredone. Employee #3 is only responsible for managing all the STOCK flows throughout Suredone. 

Each employee is currently forced to see all the same data in exactly the same order. If employee #1 decides she does not need to see, for example, the custom field for PRODUCT_STORAGE_LOCATION, she simply removes that from the grid. However, now employee #2 who coordinates all stock flows cannot see that field, so he puts it back in (naturally in a place that makes employee #1's job harder). Yet they both log in under different accounts. 

Each employee (based on login) needs to be able to properly organize the vast amount of data they see. However, in the current system, it is "one size fits all."

I think that Suredone is at the point that we can now begin some attention on better "user-friendliness" for the day to day and enterprise-level users. As an example, I would recommend reviewing how Shipworks controls user access, permissions, roles and customization. They have even provided a method for users to customize their data, save that layout and (in the future) load that layout back into Shipworks so that the information they need is always at each employee's disposal. 

Please let me know what you think.


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  • I agree with the comment above and permissions tied to the business roles are important.

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  • It would also be nice to have an log to see the history of changes made to items in the editor and which user made the changes. 

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  • In the permission section under each user a check box chart where the admin select which pages or functions a specific user can see/not see/edit would be best.

    As for the page layouts, each log in should be able to customize what they see or do not see and how it is displayed. This could be in a similar way as the permission page but for each user under their own account.

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  • Most people looking at this forum will not be able to see this link, but to the suredone team:

    This is a perfect example of our need for better control of user permissions. In short the ticket says:

    So, my worst fear just happened. Yesterday one of my users searched suredone for a product and the result was 51 items. 

    For some unknown reason, the user, meaning to only delete one product from suredone, deleted all 51.

    Short of firing my staff, how do I prevent my users from deleting products, orders, etc?


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