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Image zip file upload feature


Some of the Brand in PDM Automotive does not provide the URL link of the images but instead provide the Digital Assets image zip file and also provides the csv file as reference from what SKU these images belongs to. Now I end up with 7gb images zipfile for certain brand.  Most of the time I upload these images elsewhere and pull the image name and their urls and wait till all images were hosted under "" but these were only for hundred of MB and not for something as big as 7Gb.

Since the main goal is to Host these images to Sure Done, I was thinking if Sure Done can provide us a feature where we can upload the zip file and system will provide us the Image name and it's url under "" by having this we can easily have these images hooked up to the media1-10 of each guid. And no need for user like me to host the images somewhere else and wait the system to copy it.

Hope this can be implemented.

Thanks! Alvin

  • Hi Alvin,

    Please share link to a file and the workflow for how they are exportable out of PDM so we can help determine an appropriate path or recommendation.



  • Hi Jason,

    If you go to the Digital Asset from PDM was only downloadable from the export page when the user was logged in and does not have a link, at the same time you will have to download the CSV file to identify which image file name belongs to what SKU.

    I have attached a CSV file for a brand I am currently working on, Sadly cannot attach the zip image file as it exceeds the limit.

    Thanks! Alvin

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