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Holley Automation for Price and Cost Changes

We have started using the Holley automation for Inventory and noticed that the MAP price was included from Holley ATP file and was hoping if Sure Done can also create Automation for Price and Cost changes?

Hope you guys can have this feature added.

Thanks! Alvin

  • Hi Alvin,

    The Holley integrations leverage all available fields in this screenshot:

    • item: guid
    • item: holleysku
    • brand: brand
    • description: title
    • weight_in_pounds: weight
    • length_in_inches: boxlength
    • width_in_inches: boxwidth
    • height_in_inches: boxheight
    • upc: upc
    • map_price: mapprice
    • available_today: holleystock (Inventory Update only)

    There is not Price or Cost in the file - and therefore can not support what you are asking for at this time.

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