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Dead Item Report Request

Is there a way for a report or view to be generated in Suredone that would show us the items we have live in Suredone, but the total stock is =0, and there hasn't been any change to the Total Stock field in a given period of time?


On the flip side, I'd like to be able to export products that have that specific label and now suddenly DO have a positive stock quantity so we can give consideration to 'going live' with those parts again if we choose to do so.

  • Hi Brad,

    It appears you are looking for an "Inventory By Date" report that you could look back on to see when inventory changed?

    At this time an update ie dateupdated:>="xxx" shows any change to the product record so you could potentially setup an automation to email inventory levels daily with some variation of:
    total_stock:=0 dateupdated:>"-1 day"

    Would that be in line with what you are looking for?

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