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Idea for Bulk Edit Page

When using SD Products Page to Bulk Edit all items In Line. It would be nice if there was a pop up that would stop you closing the window or accidently hitting a back button that would take you away from that page. 

Basically to prevent accidently moving off the bulk edit page and losing work. "Are you sure you want to Close / Leave this Page? " We use Bulk Edit In Line every day. 

  • Hi David - thank you for the feedback.

    To clarify your request, are you referring to the Products List page when you have the Bulk Edit (or similar bulk actions) activated?

    Are there any other functions on this page that are worth warning over?

    We confirmed with the product team that adding a warning popup is doable and just need to clarify the scope.

  • Yes that would be great. I dont think there is other issues, just making sure if you hit the back button or go to close a windows on accident that it would stop you.

  • Hello David,

    The feature is now live - thank you for your suggestion!


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