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Shipping nearing deadline notification

Could a report - or a view - be created that looks at the following cells and then gives a report of what is coming up so my order processing staff know what orders to prioritize getting tracking numbers entered for?

Item Status = Ordered

Tracking Number = Empty

Shipping - Status =/= Complete

Then compare Ship By Latest to the Current time of the day and if it is within 6 hours of the deadline (for example), a notification is sent. That could run every 6 hours and generate a notification or report.

  • Hello,

    Seems you just need more fields added to the Order Handling Time Report?



  • No, not neccessarily. I suppose I could request that staff members download that report daily but what I was looking for more than anything I guess could maybe be created in a saved search?

    Would just like for them to be able to pull up a view (or get a notification/alert with the report auto-generated) showing what orders are open, do not have tracking, and are within a certain time frame to get the tracking entered or it will be later than the time we advertised for that order. Just a more hyper-focused view of what orders need to be prioritized for tracking entry.

  • Per your initial requirements, try the following search:es

    itemstatus:=ordered shippingstatus:-=complete

    itemstatus:=ordered shippingstatus:-=complete shipments:=0

    Let us know if that gets you closer to what you are looking for.

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