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Enhance Export Results Page

A few fields would be extremely handy on this page. Specifically who initiated the import/export, percentage complete (with progress bar), time finished and if there were errors have a column saying there were errors instead of having to blindly download every file.

  • Also the ability to cancel an export if we see it gets stuck and doesn't process

  • To add to this, today we had an export which was too large and therefore was not going to be able to be finished/downloaded but the UI was just showing as 'pending' .  If we hadn't talked to Grant/Jon about this from a user perspective it looks like the export is really slow.  There should be a status update when this happens as failed, and include a user friendly error message stating something to the effect of "Data set requested is too large, please try again by only selecting fields you need to export"

  • Thanks for your feedback! Few things here:

    - Currently successful exports are logged by the file name generated, for example see this in your account: 

    - We just launched an upgrade that logs failed exports as well as expires them automatically after an hour has passed since the request (exports typically take no more than 10 mins). Failed exports are also logged by the file name generated, which we understand is less useful when the request fails, please take a look at this example:

    - Coming very soon is a new notifications system that will leverage these logs to notify you of failed exports. 

  • Jason thanks for the reply.  When it comes to your Logs section, I don't feel that is a place a customer service team should be in / interacting with.  That is more for the people implementing that are more technical such as a developer.  Looking in the logs for a file name export is not idea versus just showing it on the export page like your competitors.

  • Danny thanks, fair enough - will look to expedite migrating our bulk export ui so the related logs are shown right inside the view as requested.

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