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Add Seller Order Id Field to Orders

Many sellers have their own ERP and order id system, having this in SureDone would allow customer service / support folks reference and find orders faster than having to look up their order id in their ERP to get the SureDone order id in order to find the correct order.

  • In addition to this, the marketplaces which allow you to push back a Seller Order Id could be populated properly such as Amazon Seller Central

  • Hi Danny,

    Currently SD offers a line item purchaseorderid field that may be populated with this data - would this be relevant for your first request?



  • We are using that currently for our order number to be in the SureDone UI, but our we need to be able to have customer service be able to search for our order id inside of Amazon as well.  Currently the SureDone OID is sent back to Amazon as the Seller Order Number, which does not help our customer service team.

  • Discussed this with engineering and SureDone sends this order number back to Amazon during the order acknowledgement process just after the order is confirmed import, so technically the order would not have your custom PO at that time.

    Please explain how this process worked with your prior software so we can understand how to accommodate the request.

  • When we would pull an order from ChannelAdvisor via API, we would create the order in our system immediately and push back to ChannelAdvisor our system's OrderId which consisted of 3 letter and 7 numbers.  ChannelAdvisor then pushed this update to Amazon as Seller Order Id inside of Seller Central.

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